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12 de abril de 2019

During the last year we have been working to implement a new force spectrometer. Based on a previous Magnetic Tweezers design, we modified it to generate a low-cost 3D printed force spectrometer. The instrument is not operative yet, but already has a name Stormbreaker, AKA Optimus. Click for more details.


(updated on April 19, 2021)

Magnetic tweezers (MT) are an instruments preferred by several labs due to extraordinary ability to apply controlled mechanical forces. The use of permanent or electro-magnets turn the MT in a perfect passive force-clamp spectrometer enabling to apply from fractions of pN with a extraordinary bandwith.

Inspired by the work of Fernández and Tapia-Rojo at Columbia University (publication), we push forward the design to implement the first (partially) 3D printed Magnetic tweezers.

The opto-mechanical components resemble an inverted microscope, but heading the design is located the generator of magnetic field, an small electromagnet which theoretically wills allows us to apply up to 60-80 pN.

Although the microscope is not operative yet, members of the lab gave it a name, Stormbreaker, due to the ability of the microscope of apply forces through electrical currents. However, lately they called Optimus.

We plan to use the MT to characterize the elasticity of proteins  in complement to our single molecule AFM. Check our publications using MT.

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